Our mission is to address social vulnerability and inequality through the provision of opportunities and services aimed at building futures.

Our Mission

We aim to achieve this through the following strategies:

  • Youth skills development programmes, intended to equip and empower towards  self-sustainability.
  • Early childhood development programmes, targeted at toddlers and their parents.
  • Rehabilitative treatment, targeted at troubled children and youth.


Sukuma Sakhe Development believes in people. Transparency, interdependence, accountability, fairness, social awareness and responsibility resonate throughout our organisation, and within the stakeholders that form part of it.

Our philosophy includes the ideals of being a good  social contributor  and setting high standards with regards to the programmes that we deliver. 

Above all, as a non-profit organisation, Sukuma Sakhe holds people as the centre of focus of all of our endeavours. Our decision-making never fails to include the social and environmental implications involved.