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Sukuma Sakhe Development envisages an empowered nation, comprised of self-sufficient, productive individuals who are able to live meaningful and fulfilling lives.


Sukuma Sakhe Development (SSD) is a non-profit organisation which supports broad-based social development within the South African landscape. The organisation focuses on childhood and youth development, with key programmes relating to early childhood development, youth skills development and psycho-social treatment. 

At our core, SSD strives to provide opportunities to disadvantaged and/or troubled youth, acting as a catalyst for change within the lives that we touch. 

In undertaking this cause, the base that we work from is that of education and empowerment.


Throughout the development of our programmes, we focus on being proactive rather than reactive.

As we stand up to build and develop ourselves, we believe that we are concurrently doing so for our nation’s future:  today’s youth.